Why DAGO???

Because we want to "break" the stereotypes and the negative prejudices and to "narrate" with our liquids the faces of the Italian spirit. For thousands of years the Italian aromas and flavors astonish our hearts and amaze our senses. We have tried to capture them and enclose their essence in our liquids, narrating a part of ourselves. The warm sunlight, the freshness of the Mediterranean sea breeze, the scent of Sicilian orange groves and the deep yellow of Amalfi coastline lemons. Our liquids are as authentic and spontaneous as we are. Each puff fills you with an emotion. Because inside them there is the sea, the earth and the sun of Italy. Tastefully ItalianDago eliquids Tastefully Italian

B.T.D. Italia s.r.l.
Via Ripoli 64021 Giulianova (TE)
P.Iva: 01971290679 REA: TE168413
tel. +39 085 8072008
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Cap. Sociale versato - 10.000 Euro
Pec - btditalia@legalmail.it


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